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At Prime Gifts, we’re looking for partners and resellers who want to join us in the mission of unwrapping a million smiles! In our endeavour to offer the best corporate, medical and personal gifts, we want to connect with like-minded gifting agents, specialists, experts and gifting companies who aspire to grow with us.

Whether you’re located in Tier-I, Tier-II or Tier-III cities, we’d love to come together with you and help you excel in your gifting journeys.

As India’s leading gifting solutions company for many years, Prime Gifting has exceptional relations and connections with top vendors across the country and globe. This helps our resellers and partners to get the best deals in town and increase their product range and customer base with superior gifts at affordable prices.

All About Prime Gifts

As India’s top corporate branding and promotions company, we offer gifting solutions that resolve marketing challenges in every industry.

Prime Gifts is renowned for its customized gift hampers, luxurious products, thoughtful gifts and personalized notes that make an everlasting impact on clients, customers and employees. We understand the challenges of your business and offer a solution that’s backed by our imagination, innovation, expertise and business acumen.

We’re able to procure gifts in various categories like electronics, fashion, skincare, travel, handmade products, home textiles, utilities, stationery, trophies and certificates, and more. Along with corporate gifting, we’re also experts in medical gifting and have many pharmaceutical companies and healthcare clinics as our trusted clients. Our other clients include MNCs, media companies, FMCG brands, financial firms and individual clients who trust our cost-effective and efficient services.

We’re a single source gifting partner that spreads countless smiles with over a million gifting ideas every day.

What is the Prime Partner Program?

You will be an integral part of the Prime Gifts family and get access to all our gifting expertise and solutions to expand your gifting business further.

The Prime Partner Program is aimed to bring all small and medium scale gifting companies under one platform to promote mutual growth at every step.

By joining the partner program, you can look forward to increased revenues, enhanced product portfolios, extended networks and a world of opportunities.

Our aim is precise – to make the gifting experience as smooth and simple for all our partners and clients. In this endeavour, we’re inviting partners to experience the next level of gifting solutions with Prime.

Join our Partner Program today and become a Prime Reseller!

Why Join the Partner Program?

  • Avail the best deals from Prime Gifts
  • Enjoy Pan-India and global support for your gifting solutions
  • End-to-end logistics support for timely delivery
  • Marketing support to promote your brand in the market
  • Access to high-quality and premium gifts at affordable prices
  • Wide range of gifting options in every category
  • Opportunity to expand your market base in the personal, corporate and medical gifting industries
  • Countless growth opportunities
  • Minimum investment, maximum rewards

Who Should Join the Program?

  • Small-scale gifting companies
  • Gifting resellers in Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-III cities
  • Gifting entrepreneurs
  • Retailers with gifting products
  • Professionals who aspire to become gifting experts
  • Gifting studios in the country
  • Wedding gifting companies
  • Medical gifting businesses
  • Corporate gifting organizations

Top 6 Challenges Faced by Gifting Resellers in India:


Getting the Best Deals

The corporate and medical gifting industry is largely dominated by price point and thus, it’s crucial for gifting resellers to offer the best deals to their clients. If you’re struggling to get the best deals in town, Prime Gifts will negotiate unbelievable prices with our years of expertise and vendor relations!

Customization & Personalization

Did you know that customized corporate gifts increase sales? And personalized gifts build long-term relations and strengthen bonds? As a gifting reseller, it may not always be possible for you to offer customization or personalization, especially in smaller quantities. But for Prime Gifts, it is a cakewalk and we’re delighted to offer customized gifts, no matter how big or small the quantity.


Timely delivery is the crux of corporate, medical and personal gifting. As a small-scale gifting company, finding a reliable logistics partner at cost-effective rates may be challenging. With Prime Gifts, you get access to our exceptional courier and logistics services that ensure on-time delivery, every time. We can ensure Pan-India and even international deliveries as per your requirements.



There’s tough competition in the gifting market, with many new sellers and companies coming up every day and offering affordable prices. It’s natural for you to be worried about the growing competition and if it will negatively impact your business in the future. When you associate with Prime Gifts, you join a powerhouse of gifting solutions, giving you an edge over your competition.


Experiencing the same kind of sales over the years? Don’t know how to expand your business or accelerate growth for the next 5 years? Time to join Prime Gifts! We’re growing at an exponential rate across the globe and our partners will get an opportunity to do the same.


Marketing Support

Own a good gifting business, but not many people about it? You lack the marketing expertise to take your business to the next level. Prime Gifts resellers get access to all our marketing collaterals and can leverage our marketing expertise to grow in the industry. Whether it’s WhatsApp creatives, social media promotions, festive mailers, or BTL activities, we can help you with all marketing activities.

So, no matter what challenge you’re facing in your gifting business, Prime Gifts can elevate your reach and upgrade your business with our years of experience in the industry.

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