About Us
Prime Gifts is a corporate branding and promotions firm that unwraps innovation and creativity in business gifting. Backed by our original ideas, promotional techniques and strategic gifting, we deliver results that complement your marketing endeavours.

Whether you’d like to offer gifts for your internal or external customers, we have the perfect mix of quality, luxury and affordability for you!

Apart from standard gifts, we also offer consultation to resolve any marketing challenges that need a touch of creative solutions.

Who Are We?

We’re a team of professionals who love the idea and joy of gifting. We’re committed to exceeding expectations with our expertise in creating custom solutions. Over the years, we’ve continued to excel in our gifting solutions and ensure a lasting impact on businesses and relationships. Our ability to deliver that one master-stroke in corporate, medical or personal gifting results in higher brand engagement, stronger recall and happier relationships.

We’re a Pan-India single source gifting partner with over a million solutions to unwrap countless smiles every day! Whether it is customized gift hampers, festive gifts, personalized notes, luxurious items, or thoughtful ideas, we believe that every gift should make an everlasting impact. We find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics in every gift with our imagination, skill, expertise and business acumen.

Our Purpose

To maximize the benefits of gifting to our clients by offering the right solutions delivered in the shortest lead time with the best service.

Our Promise

We believe that marketing communication depends on the insights and innovation of the people who sustain it. With this understanding, we provide services that would enhance the effectiveness of branding and promotional activities. We deliver extraordinary gifting solutions for every marketing challenge!

Our Belief

“We believe in Unwrapping Smiles Every Day”, and spreading it amongst major multinational companies in the Pharmaceutical and Finance Sectors, FMCG and Media Companies. We help our clients can their marketing challenges and make every gift memorable and impactful.

Our Values


In every gift and service we offer.


Our team takes responsibility for every action and task.


Our gifts are a result of our highly creative and innovative team.


We honour every commitment and deliver transparent business transactions.

How We Help?

The Problem

Brands who spend 100s of hours looking for the perfect gift or a marketing solution to connect with clients or customers and make a striking impact.

The Solution

Find the perfect gift for every need, requirement and occasion with Prime Gifts.

The Result

We make gifting simpler, faster, and happier! So, you can expect long-term returns from your gifting activities.

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